Tourism is a strong and growing employment sector, offering various job opportunities. From desk-based ticketing work and tour guiding to bus driving and hotel bartending, the London tourism sector is a great space to break into. Here are ten reasons why.

1 - The variety of work
There are so many employment opportunities that it's easy to find a role which appeals to you, and there's also plenty of scope to expand your horizons into another area of tourism once your foot is in the door.

2 - Decent pay
Some jobs pay well above the national minimum wage, especially for those who are established and have proven their skills and potential. Also, the decent tips and bonuses for working any unsocial hours boost the potential earnings total nicely.

3 - Opportunities to progress
So long as you are reliable and keen, there are endless opportunities for both entry level positions and promotion. This is a job sector where promotion is entirely achievable through effort, regardless of age, so the sky's the limit.

4 - The perks
Aside from the tips, many tourism jobs in London offer a range of perks, such as discount price flights, tickets to the theatre or major attractions, invites to bar or restaurant launches and so on.

5 - Flexible schedules
Many tourism jobs in London can involve working long or unsocial hours, but on the other hand, they are also often quite flexible, and it's generally easy to pick up short term or part time work to suit other commitments you may have.

6 - You are around happy people
Tourism by nature is all about holidays, fun and relaxation, so the people you meet are generally either in that frame of mind or on the way to it. This excitement and positivity is definitely a nice vibe to be around.

7 - You can use your second language skills
Being able to communicate with tourists in their own language makes a huge difference to them, so if you have language abilities, this is your opportunity to polish them up.

8 - See the sights
Depending on the actual work you choose to do, you could be jetting around the world checking out new resorts, or enjoying the historical sights of London.

9 - Great colleagues
As with any people-based job, the tourism industry tends to attract outgoing, positive and friendly people, which makes being at work even more fun.

10 - No two days are the same
Working with the public always makes work life unpredictable, but it also keeps it interesting. No matter how many times you do a particular thing, it tends to feel fresh and new simply because it is, for the customer.

The London tourism industry has so many benefits and opportunities for anyone keen to explore a career in this sector, and as it continues to grow, the demand for staff will continue to rise.