When starting your career it’s often difficult to decide which career path is right for you. Some people grow up to do a job in a field that they have been interested in since childhood, while others are happy to explore different job opportunities that come their way. If you find yourself asking the question ‘what career best suits me?’and you recognize these eight signs, perhaps a job in the travel industry is the career choice for you.

Sign 1 - You get excited about all aspects of travel

Whether it's buying tickets for a long-distance bus, eating airplane food or checking into a hotel somewhere sunny, you enjoy every moment. Even activities such as packing or organizing the best currency exchange rates, are tasks you approach with relish.

Sign 2 - You enjoy making suggestions on great destinations to others

Your family and friends know they only need look to you for up-to-date information on the best destinations which will suit their interests and needs, the sights to see and the best ways to get around.

Sign 3 - You enjoy getting to know about new places

Your thirst for knowledge about everything from the historyand language of a place to lesser-known attractions and the best food to eat is unquenchable.

Sign 4 - You enjoy meeting new people

In fact, you are generally comfortable chatting to people you don't know, whether that's in the supermarket queue or at a party. Your genuine interest in others is what makes you such a people person.

Sign 5 - Your browser bookmarks are all travel-related

You enjoy reading reviews of the best Airbnb’s in the same way that others love catching up on celebrity gossip, and you spend more of your free time looking at sites like Trip Advisor than you do on social media platforms.

Sign 6 - Travel programmes are your thing

TV shows about both domestic and international travel inspire you to add new locations to that ever-growing travel bucket list.

Sign 7- You are flexible about working times

Working flexible hours outside the 9 to 5 grind is something that you enjoy, even if that’s a weekend because travel never stops and there is always something new to discover and explore.

Sign 8 - You adapt well to new circumstances

Spending time in new places, learning another language and discovering new experiences all excite you. You love immersing yourself in new cultures, exploring the world and meeting new people. If you adapt well to change then the travel sector is definitely right for you.

In deciding your next career move, take some time to look at the signs in your lifethat point to how the right a career will match your passions, personality and lifestyle. This will help you to gain the confidence to turn a dream into a reality. Following the career you enjoy will mean you never work a day in your life.

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Jose joined New Frontiers in 2000 working a variety of roles from recruitment consultant to in-house recruiter and staff trainer and now General Manager. Jose has a wealth of travel industry experience having worked in travel for 8 years prior to joining New Frontiers with roles in retail and for a tour operator.