References available on request

It is common practise for recruiting companies to include the following statement in job offer letters: “This offer is subject to receiving satisfactory references!” But in this day and age, who gives adequate references let alone bad references?… Read more >

Giving Notice

You’ve been offered and accepted your new position. Now comes the daunting task of handing in your notice. Sometimes this stage can be more harrowing than the interview - especially if you've been with your present company for a long time.… Read more >


All companies recognise that it takes teamwork to succeed. Companies need enthusiastic and motivated staff to maximise their businesses and grow to their full potential. However when times get tough, companies need to reduce overheads in order to protect as many jobs as they can. Some companies ask people to take pay cuts, others suggest four-day working weeks. Tough times call for tough actions and the last action any company wants to do is… Read more >