Key questions to ask during an interview

Interviews should generally last around 45 minutes each, plus any extra time needed for specific tests. Mary McPherson-MillsDirect Care, a care provider for the elderly, from one employee to over thirty. She thinks the length of interviews is very important, especially for the interviewee.… Read more >

75 Behavioural Interview Questions To Select The Best Candidate

It’s a well known fact that looking at a candidate’s past behaviour is the best way to predict their future performance. So don’t waste any more precious interview time asking hypothetical questions. Behavioural interview questions will let you understand in detail how a candidate has acted in specific situations. First, identify the core behaviours you’d like your candidates to demonstrate. Then you can then select your specific questions from the list below. Remember to assess all candidates against the same behavioural criteria!… Read more >

3 Ways to Uncover a Candidate’s Soft Skills in a Phone Interview

During the interview process, recruiters and hiring managers look for certain requirements to be met. They seek to evaluate levels of experience and skill, looking to find the best candidates for their open positions. But the best quality candidate often has something in addition to the checklist of requirements. He or she has the “soft skills” that set them apart from other candidates. Those skills are a little more difficult to check off during a phone interview, but it is certainly possible.… Read more >