Employees leave their job for many reasons. Some reasons, the  employers cannot change some they can, but when an employee is leaving it is imperative to hold exit interviews! 

Why are Exit Interviews Important? 

In a Business capacity it is an excellent opportunity to gather truthful information about everything from: 

  1.          Work environment
  2.          Day-to-day job concerns
  3.          Managerial style
  4.          Workplace ethics
  5.          Employee morale – How is everyone else feeling? Is this first of many leavers?
  6.          Identify what your organization is doing well
  7.          Pinpoint areas where you can improve in your organization 

In a recruiting / replacing capacity it allows you to: 

  1.          Confirm the skill sets, experience, and attributes needed to replace the job
  2.          Capture useful knowledge, contacts, tips, etc. from the leaver
  3.          What made the job satisfying or unsatisfying
  4.          Gain insights about the employee's manager and co-workers
  5.          What might be done to improve working conditions
  6.          Training - whether the employee felt they had the information needed to do the job
  7.          Did the employee have the impression they were hired for one position, but ended up doing      something else?
  8.          Was the employee given an opportunity to advance?
  9.          Ask: Do you have any tips to help us find your replacement?
  10.          Ask: Based on your experience with us, what do you think it takes to succeed at this organization? 

Its is easy to get the exit interview wrong. 

Do’s and Don’ts 

  1.          An exit interview should always be voluntary.
  2.          It should be held in private and face-to-face or use a questionnaire
  3.          The departing employee should be told that the interview is to focus on the workplace issues exclusively so that the company can improve.
  4.          Remember the exit interview is not a discussion of the employee's performance
  5.          Explain the value of the feedback gathered at the interview and assure the employee that responses will not be used against him or her.
  6.          The information provided by the employee should not affect his or her reference.
  7.          Ask open-ended questions that allow the employee to provide as many details as possible.
  8.          Take clear and accurate notes of the interview.
  9.          Review notes with the employee to ensure an accurate interpretation of his or her responses as well as to give the employee confidence that a fair report will be given. 

And finally 

An exit interview allows the company to say good-bye on good terms! Your leaver may want to return one day! 

Jose joined New Frontiers in 2000 working a variety of roles from recruitment consultant to in-house recruiter and staff trainer and now General Manager. Jose has a wealth of travel industry experience having worked in travel for 8 years prior to joining New Frontiers with roles in retail and for a tour operator.