An increasingly global corporate landscape means that business travel jobs in London are now providing new opportunities to work within an exciting industry. They require proficiency in several key areas, but preparation for your role in this challenging but highly rewarding industry will help you to find your feet, allowing you to demonstrate your skills and make a positive impression quickly. 

Polish Your Communication, Problem-Solving and Organisational Skills 

The ability to communicate with clarity in person, over the telephone and via email is essential. You need to be able to concisely and efficiently liaise with a variety of different people to create a suitable itinerary for every different situation, and then accurately convey those key pieces of information to the appropriate people at the correct time. This requires a high level of attention to detail, as well as strong organisational and problem-solving skills. Often itineraries will be complex, and you should feel confident in your ability to ensure each journey can be undertaken smoothly, methodically identifying any potential issues in advance, with suitable alternatives carefully considered and ready to implement at short notice. 

Refine Your Understanding of the Whole Travel Process 

You will be based in one of the most connected capital cities in the world, where business travel jobs in London are both varied and diverse. If you are tasked with locating and booking each element of a complex travel itinerary, you need to be confident that you can deliver. 

Keeping up to date with travel advice from official sources is essential, and ensuring you are familiar with the processes for efficiently obtaining visas and other necessary travel documents, how to source and book appropriate hotels, and how to select the most suitable means of transportation will ensure you are able to complete each task accurately and resourcefully. 

Equipping yourself with knowledge of both the advantages and disadvantages of each individual travel company will help you to precisely and confidently select the most appropriate means of transportation, guaranteeing every itinerary is planned thoroughly with care and attention, as well as ensuring you consistently identify ways in which you can not only meet but exceed your targets. 

Proficiency in Industry-Wide Systems and Programs 

GDS or CRS systems such as Woldspan, Galileo, Sabre and Amadeus are widely used across the industry, so you will benefit from a thorough understanding of how to locate and select everything from airline tickets and hotel rooms to rental cars and travel packages using these platforms. Having a good working knowledge of Microsoft packages, particularly Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, is also essential, and aiming to make time to refresh your knowledge of these programs in advance during your preparation process will always work to your advantage. 

The business travel industry presents a variety of different prospects, and the opportunity to work within such a diverse industry is something to relish. Equipping yourself with relevant, up-to-date knowledge in the above areas will help you to focus on expanding your skillset and excelling within your career.