Tourism jobs in London are in high demand, and for good reason. Not only is London a genuinely global city, it has opportunities and attractions enough to fill many lifetimes. Whatever your interests, you will find them catered for in London. With tourism a growing industry, and London an enormously popular destination for visitors from all over the world, combining time in London with a job in the travel sector has never been more attractive. The exact type of job will depend on your skill-set, experience and personality.

Do You Suit a Job in Tourism?

One thing shared by most individuals keen to work in the tourism industry is a passion for travel. This is a real plus point to employers. Those working in tourism need to have the must-see newest destinations at the front of their minds. They also need to recognise that many of today's travellers are looking beyond the traditional package holidays towards bespoke tours, eco-tourism and city breaks.

It is often said that those who work in tourism are outgoing and fun personalities. It is certainly true that tourism jobs in London, in particular, attract people keen to make the most of both the city's opportunities and the many networking events that the travel industry offers its staff.

However, it is worth remembering that the London tourism industry recognises and values individuals of many different backgrounds and who possess widely varying skills. There is as much scope for someone with a business services or IT background as there is for someone with a strong experience of face-to-face customer service. If there is one key unifying factor, it is that love of travel and the desire to experience new places, cultures and ways of living.

What are the Opportunities of Working in the Travel Industry?

Working within the travel industry can have many perks. Many employers send staff to certain destinations in order to familiarise them with some of the places to which they will be selling trips or accompanying holidaymakers. Even those employees whose roles do not involve selling or tour guiding may well benefit from staff concessions on flights, accommodation and even entire holidays.

Career progression can be excellent. There is a real possibility of promotion and, with it, increased responsibility and salary. Often, this can be achieved at a relatively young age. Moreover, potential new roles may be in diverse and exciting destinations. The chance to live and work in a different country is much more than a pipedream for many people within the tourism sector.

Why Work in the Travel Industry?

Holidays, whether long or short, are often the highlight of someone's year. Even if your role is non-client-facing, there is considerable satisfaction in knowing that you are playing a part in ensuring that someone's holiday is memorable for all the right reasons. Additionally, at the same time you can seize the chance to take all the many opportunities for travel, networking and promotion that your role offers.