New starters & their Induction

Hiring a new member of your team can be time-consuming and costly – so you want them to settle in and start working productively as soon as possible. The solution is a well-thought out induction process that helps ensure that new hires feel comfortable in their new job and start working effectively as soon as possible.… Read more >

Key questions to ask during an interview

Interviews should generally last around 45 minutes each, plus any extra time needed for specific tests. Mary McPherson-MillsDirect Care, a care provider for the elderly, from one employee to over thirty. She thinks the length of interviews is very important, especially for the interviewee.… Read more >

Wellbeing in the workplace

From an end of year bonus, a successful meeting or even a smile from a colleague, we all have different things that make us happy at work. And with our work lives getting longer – on average Brits spend 99,117 hours at work over a lifetime – it’s more important than ever to maintain good mental health in the workplace.… Read more >

Ten critical reasons why employees quit their job

Employees quit their job for many reasons. Some reasons, the employers cannot effect, for example to relocate to away from their home area, to stay home with children, and go back to school are a few. Those reasons are tough to address by an employer because they involve life events in the employee’s world outside of work.… Read more >