Guide to networking

Networking isn't always easy. Professionally it's also becoming increasingly necessary to getting ahead. Whether you're jobseeking or starting to consider developing your career, here are some ways to smooth the networking process… Read more >

75 Behavioural Interview Questions To Select The Best Candidate

It’s a well known fact that looking at a candidate’s past behaviour is the best way to predict their future performance. So don’t waste any more precious interview time asking hypothetical questions. Behavioural interview questions will let you understand in detail how a candidate has acted in specific situations. First, identify the core behaviours you’d like your candidates to demonstrate. Then you can then select your specific questions from the list below. Remember to assess all candidates against the same behavioural criteria!… Read more >

Cheeky tips: 10 weird ways to beat interview nerves

If you can tell a story or a joke around the kitchen table then you can do it in a job interview. However, often the nerves and pressure of an interview situation can make us act differently. Our body seems to behave in weird ways and the sound coming out of our mouth doesn't seem to be our usual one. If we don't feel and sound like our normal selves then we will want the whole uncomfortable experience to end.… Read more >