Whether it is ten days soaking up the sun in a European resort, ten weeks on the other side of the world or even just a quick business trip, the travel industry is there to meet every individual's needs. From sharing deals to issuing tickets to booking and providing accommodation, this is an exciting industry which continues to grow year on year. To meet this need there are often vacancies for travel industry jobs in London. Here are some of the most popular.

Travel Consultant

This is a great job for confident, travel-loving people who thrive in high-achieving, fast-moving environments. They must love multi-tasking and working with the public and have both imagination and a flair for selling. Having some kind of background in the industry is always a positive, but solid sales experience is just as useful if you tick all the other boxes. A good salary, the chance to travel on the job and prospects for career development make this a consistently attractive employment option.

Customer Service Agent

Call centre jobs are increasingly common, and as they cover many aspects of the travel business, this is a great way to gain experience for a future in a more face-to-face role. Telephone-based work can include dealing with online sales relating to one specific thing or many aspects of the travel business, such as package holidays, flights, car hire, or hotel reservations.

Some roles are mainly about sales, while others deal more with queries, complaints or any other general customer service enquiries. These jobs are popular with people who thrive on targets, have excellent communication skills and an interest in the travel industry.

Hospitality Staff

Perhaps some the most diverse of all travel industry jobs in London are those in the hospitality industry, an umbrella term for anything from hotels or other accommodation sources to restaurants and bars which provide services to tourists and travellers. Consequently, there are lots of opportunities for chefs and kitchen workers, housekeeping and waiting staff, domestics and porters, plus admin and reception staff.

Tour Guide

As a tour guide you need stamina, great communication skills and a good understanding of your specialist area of interest. This is a fast-growing section of the travel industry, with jobs available in the traditional major sightseeing attractions but also on city tours - both by bus and on foot - and in more specialised tours which are often based on themes. Foreign language skills are a real bonus for this kind of work, though not essential for all roles.


Behind-the-scenes travel industry jobs are popular too. Marketing roles involve promoting offers and services via email and social media platforms, and there is more general PR work in the travel industry.

These travel industry jobs offer interesting work environments, the chance to travel, lots of interaction with the public and opportunities for career progression. As tourism continues to thrive, there's never really been a better time to check out a career in travel.