The main bonus of having a job where you get to travel is of course the travel! However, many jobs within the travel industry also have other benefits, which when added to the travel itself provide a great reason for a career within the travel sector. Here we look at three additional perks that jobs with travel opportunities could provide which may help you to decide if a career in this sector is for you. 

Free Travel 

Whether you are a flight attendant, an airline pilot or a cruise ship employee, the one thing all of these jobs have in common is the fact that they offer the chance to travel. Whether you want to be reasonably close to home or fancy travelling to far flung, long haul destinations, these jobs have it all. However, when you are not travelling for work, what could be better than free or discounted travel courtesy of the company you work for? 

Airline staff tend to get the best benefits as flight attendants often get free domestic and international flights with their own airline as well as benefits such as discounts on cruises, hotels and flights with other airlines. Airline pilots meanwhile tend to receive free flights with the airline they work for as well as the possibility of using a jump seat on any other airline. They may also get discounts on cruises, restaurants and hotels, while cruise ship workers can usually travel on other cruises for a hugely discounted rate. Working on a ship also means you get free lodging and food included. 

Free Accommodation 

In addition to cruise ship workers who receive free accommodation as part of the job and airline workers who may receive discounts on hotels, the people who benefit most from free accommodation are those who work in the hotel industry. The hotel industry does offer jobs with travel opportunities, particularly if you work for one of the bigger hotel chains in a department such as sales and marketing. So for times when you are not working, it is good to know that you are likely to get free or hugely discounted hotel rooms as well as free upgrades. 

Free Holiday 

For those working in the travel agency sector this job can potentially offer huge opportunities to travel, especially if you are someone who has been tasked with looking at new destinations and assessing whether they are suitable. One of the perks of such a role is that you may be sent on what is effectively an 'all expenses paid' holiday in the name of work to investigate and assess new destinations. Other perks for those working in the travel agency sector include free or discounted hotel stays for when you are not working. 

Hopefully this has whetted your appetite for a career in the travel sector, especially now you can see that as well as the travel opportunities offered by the jobs themselves, there are other additional perks that you might be able to enjoy.