Endless travelling seems like a dream available only to those with a bottomless bank account to fund it. Are you fed up of hearing about other people's adventures, while you are slaving away with your normal day to day life? What if there were jobs with travel opportunities, to allow you to fulfil your dreams while working at the same time? This lifestyle must truly be like having your cake and eating it. There are many job opportunities that will allow you to travel and earn money. You may not have considered these jobs as suitable, but here are some examples.

Travel industry

People who work in this industry have jobs with exciting travel opportunities. You could be travelling to places as a flight attendant or as a pilot maybe even on a cruise ship. There is usually relaxation time written in to your schedule, enabling you the opportunity to explore your destination. If you work for a travel agency, you may be one of the lucky ones sent to try out new resorts in exotic locations. You may find yourself working in branches all over the world. These jobs will give you the travel experience you need, while earning you the money to explore.

Travel Agents

Imagine a job where the more you travel and jet-set around the world, the more you’ll succeed in your career. As a travel agent, a rich world travel experience makes you highly valuable to your company and your clients. Otherwise known as familiarization trips, these are designed specifically for those in travel careers. Hotels, cruise lines, tour companies, etc. will offer heavily discounted or even complimentary trips to travel agents so they can familiarize themselves with the product being sold. After all, you can’t sell something you don’t know about. These companies want to build relationships with travel agents in hope that the agent will then promote and recommend their services to their clients.

Flight Attendants

Flight attendants, apart from getting the opportunity to travel around and step in to several different countries, enjoy other benefits too. There aren’t too many jobs out there that provide the opportunity to meet a good deal of interesting people. From VIPs to athletes and celebrities as well as normal, cool people, there’s something fascinating that you can learn from almost everyone you meet during flights.


If you are your own boss, you should be able to have a say in where you work. Setting yourself up as a consultant in your field means that you can make contacts in the destination of your choice and combine working with exploring the regions on your bucket list. Whether you wish to spend lots of time there or just enjoying a flying visit, you are your own boss, so take charge of your exotic itinerary.

Other jobs

News agencies need correspondents all over the world and this could be a wonderful opportunity for someone who likes to travel and is an experienced journalist. These are truely rewarding jobs for those that get them. Salespeople are also needed to travel all over the world for their companies. This can be an excellent way to get an 'expenses paid' trip abroad while working. There are many opportunities available, you now just need to decide what best suits you.