If you are looking for a role in the marketing sector, you have a whole wealth of areas to specialise in. For some, this could mean venturing into the travel industry, where you can use your marketing speciality in a number of different travel roles. Here are some of the possible jobs that you could look into if you want to combine your marketing experience and your love of travel.

The Basics

Almost all marketing roles require you to have experience in an array of business promotion in some form or other. This could include sending regular updates to customers and clients via email or creating interesting content through social media or mail. You should be adept at creating thorough plans for future customer communications and be able to tailor specific material for a visual audience.

All of these basic marketing skills can be used in the travel industry in many ways. First, travel agents or tour operators often require an experienced marketing executive to keep their customers informed of any upcoming promotions and to figure out exactly what their customer base is looking for in a holiday or trip. From there, they are then able to create exciting content that will keep the brand at the forefront of their customers' minds, especially when the time comes to plan their holiday.

Another opportunity for marketing jobs in travel that you may come across related to the trade aspect of the travel industry. With this type of role, a marketer can be heavily involved in trade road shows and ensuring that travel agents have all of the brochures they need in order to book customer and client trips. An important part of this type of role includes creating and maintaining contacts in the industry and making sure that all of their contact details are up to date. This means that you will be able to easily contact a specific agent with information that could possibly bring the company more business and therefore help the company's profile.


Of course, one of the main perks of working in the travel sector, in any capacity, involves the travel opportunities that come with it. It may not be something that happens immediately, but by working hard and networking well, you may come across these opportunities quicker than you think. One of the key aspects of finding marketing jobs in travel is being patient and knowing who your target audience is once you have found a suitable role. Each company is different, and what may have worked for your previous employers may not go down so well for your prospective one.

Always keep an eye out for opportunities if you are looking to get into the travel marketing sector. Whilst this type of role is essential in many companies, it can be difficult to get into, which is why you should always do thorough research to make sure you would be a perfect fit before applying.