The Tourism and Leisure industry in the UK employs 1.9 million people generating over £135billion per year. Of those 120,000 are directly employed in the travel and tourism sector.

That figure rises to 9 million people are directly employed in tourism-related activities in Europe! 

These figures are hugely impressive and give a clear indication of the range of opportunities available for people seeking a new direction in their travel careers.

New Frontiers had seen a growth in permanent overseas roles over the past 9 months. The more popular opportunities are generally based on a temporary or seasonal contract. These roles include tour operator representative roles, cruise positions, and roles with organisations such as Camp America and Bunac.

While most of these seasonal roles are recruited directly by the hiring company, the market is opening. New Frontiers are recruiting more regularly for shorter term assignments all around Europe.

Some of the perks and benefits of overseas roles generally include return flights and some will include your accommodation. There is no better way to experience another culture than living like a local and getting paid as well. 

 What do these roles involve?

Destination Managers are generally responsible for a region/country and will account manage clients within the selected area. They assist Contracts Managers with new clients and agreements.

Contracts Managers are on the road a minimum of 3 days per week meeting hoteliers, negotiating the best rates/allocations to remain competitive in the market place. They will actively seek out new possible partners in the specified region. Once negotiated and contracted, clients are handed over to the Destination Managers to look after.

Regional Contracts Managers are as above but responsible for 2 or 3 Contracts Managers

Affiliates Managers are currently quite a niche area. It’s ultimately a sales role but requires strong understanding in Online Marketing. Affiliates is basically a partnerships role, so they manage possible 3rd party or white labelling partners which will ultimately sell each other online (or each others websites).

Can I work in Europe?

As a national of a European Economic Area or European Union country you have the right to work in any other member state. 

  • There is NO work permit requirement.
  • Same rights as nationals of your destination country in working conditions, pay and social security matters.

Working during a gap year travelling

Savvy travellers are now looking to secure short term roles during their gap and year out. New Frontiers has recruitment partners in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

What to consider when working overseas.

Tax levels vary throughout Europe and can vary dramatically, from 0% in Bosnia & Herzegovina up to a maximum of 67% in Sweden – Tax Source

Not all qualifications are recognised across the EU and EEA, and some professions have employment restrictions. Check your qualifications against the occupation information sheets produced by EU member states. Click Here

Language skills and fluency levels may also be an issue when seeking work.

Here are some key questions to ask yourself when considering moving abroad for work: 

  • Do you and your family need work permits, resident permits or visas for the country?
  • Is the salary enough, taking into account the cost of living?
  • What are the chances of promotion and salary increases?
  • What currency will you be paid in?
  • Are there any arrangements for temporary accommodation when you first move?
  • If you have a property to sell in the UK, will your employer be allowing you any time to return to the UK to sign documents and finalise a move abroad?
  • If your job ends and you wish to stay in the country you have been working in, what permits would you and your family require and what are the chances of finding a new job there?

Whilst the world is shrinking, the world of work is widening so keep your options open and who knows where you could be working next week.

Jose joined New Frontiers in 2000 working a variety of roles from recruitment consultant to in-house recruiter and staff trainer and now General Manager. Jose has a wealth of travel industry experience having worked in travel for 8 years prior to joining New Frontiers with roles in retail and for a tour operator.