Best jobs with travel opportunities

There are many jobs available that have good opportunities to travel the world. These jobs include lower level jobs that do not require qualifications while other jobs are higher level jobs that need a degree. Whichever type of job you are looking for, you should be able to find a job that allows you to travel.

Language Teacher

Firstly, you can consider teaching abroad. There are many jobs available for language teachers living abroad and especially if you are a native English speaker. Some jobs require a degree and a teaching qualification but there are also opportunities for teaching assistant jobs that do not require a degree, for example, many jobs for ESL teachers in China.

Cruise Ship Worker

Most jobs that can be done on land can also be done on the sea, so whatever your line of work there should be a job on a cruise ship that could suit you. From waiter to diving instructor, officer to HR manager, there are many jobs for all levels. Cruise line jobs allow you to travel the world and be paid for it. Although most of the lower level jobs will not be highly paid and cruise workers do work long hours, this is a good consideration if you don't mind being away from home for many months at a time.

Sports Instructor

A diving instructor is a great job if you enjoy water sports and want to travel. If you get your diving licence you can get a job at diving schools around the world. A good way to start your diving career is to head to the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as this organisation offers training courses. Similarly, a skiing instructor can work in any location where there are ski slopes, so this is another option if you are looking to work in a sport-related field.

Au Pair

For people who like working with children, you could also consider a job as an au pair or nanny. Families need people to look after their children and sometimes also their home. You will usually need suitable qualifications and language skills, but being an au pair can work well as you will get free lodging and board and often free meals.

Construction Work

For those in the construction trade, a construction manager usually allows a lot of travel with the job. They will often need to relocate to a different place every few months to look after a project. Even if you don't have the right qualifications there are other jobs with travel opportunities in this field.

Freelance Digital Nomad

Finally, if you can work remotely, consider travelling the world as a digital nomad. If you are location independent, whether as a freelancer, remote worker or business owner, and you can work from anywhere with an internet connection, you could travel while you work. Consider cheaper locations such as Asia to make the most of your lifestyle.