How to find travel coordinator jobs in London

A travel coordinator has one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs in the travel industry. Working for a business to organise their travel is a role that is increasingly available and sought after as businesses operate internationally and global services are common in all industries.

What does a travel coordinator do?

Most large companies have a travel department staffed by a travel coordinator, who is responsible for organising the travel of the employees of the company. This will include organising flights, transfers, shuttles to and from hotels, and accommodation. Their job is usually to find the most cost-effective way of travelling, working within allocated budgets to ensure there is no overspending. A travel coordinator will also draw up itineraries and check reviews of the companies they are booking through to ensure a quality service.

As a travel coordinator, you would be working for a company or for a travel agency that specialises in corporate clients. This might mean handling more than one company at a time.

How do you get a travel coordinator job in London?

London is a place that is truly international, with many global companies operating from the city. Consequently, there are many positions available for travel coordinators in London. Any search will come up with many opportunities in this area.

Unfortunately, searching for jobs online has become saturated and you will potentially miss excellent opportunities, as there is simply too much information to trawl through. This is why leading travel companies advertise their jobs on New Frontiers. As a dedicated travel and tourism recruitment agency, New Frontiers advertises in this area. It also works with recruiters to match people to their perfect job.

Registering with an agency

By registering with an agency, a team of recruitment specialists will have your information to pass onto any recruiters, giving you the best opportunity to get a job that matches your skills base and experience.

The best place to start is to ensure that your CV is up to date and contains the relevant information, prioritised for recruitment specialists to use. When applying for a coordinator post, you will need to be able to demonstrate previous experience in the industry and an industry-recognised qualification. For help with putting together your CV, why not get some professional careers advice from a specialist company that understands how the business works? By signing up to New Frontiers, you will be able to avail yourself of its services for career development.

If you are concerned about your skills base, excellent training in a variety of areas of travel is offered, including GDS systems. Check the agency's website for details of what is available.

If you are looking for a short-term position for travel coordinator jobs in London, you can temp through the agency. It offers excellent terms and conditions and will help you to develop your career through both the free training you can avail yourself of and access to a travel club.