How to prepare for hospitality jobs in London

The hospitality industry is a booming sector that seems to grow every year, so now is an exciting time to start your career in hospitality - and when it comes to hospitality, London is one of the best places you could work. The bustling city is filled with thousands of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafes, and hundreds of hotels and B&Bs, so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing somewhere to work.

It is worth noting that you will be competing against lots of other people for the jobs. If you want to stand out from the crowd, here are the main skills that you need if you want to find hospitality jobs in London.

Multitasking skills

All hospitality careers will require you to be able to handle multiple responsibilities at once; for instance, a restaurant manager needs to be able to arrange contracts, fill out paperwork, deal with unhappy customers and discipline employees, while a bartender will need to be able to serve drinks, take food orders, replenish the bar, count up at the end of the night and clean the bar properly.

Make sure that you highlight your multitasking skills on your CV, and any previous management experience you have.

Communication skills

Communication is one of the most essential skills for someone who works in hospitality, as you will constantly be communicating with guests, customers and other members of staff. For this reason, you will need to be able to make positive connections with new people and other employees.

Be sure to mention your relationship building skills on your CV, such as previous team work experience or previous customer service experience. It can also be useful to highlight specific events where you successfully dealt with a customer dispute or issue, as this will show employers that you have the relevant skills to work in hospitality.

The skill to go above and beyond

It is the little things that make a visit really special for most customers, such as a waiter taking the time to listen to their story about visiting the area a few years beforehand. It is therefore important that you are willing to go above and beyond with every customer.

From making sure that the flower arrangements are fresh to always making sure that the drinks are topped up, there are lots of ways to go above and beyond; however, if you tend to find that you are easily frustrated or annoyed by other people, it is likely that you will struggle with this skill. After all, not everyone is willing to go the extra mile for a total stranger!

The ability to work flexible hours

If you are looking for a nine-to-five job, you should probably avoid working in the hospitality industry! This is because most hospitality jobs come with evening and weekend hours, and it is entirely normal for someone in the hospitality industry to work different shifts every week. For some people this is not ideal, but other people thrive with varied hours, as it makes their schedule less repetitive and structured. If you have the ability to work flexible hours, you have one of the most essential skills for hospitality; if not, this unlikely to be the industry for you!