Qualities required to secure a hospitality job

The UK hospitality business is booming, providing lots of exciting employment opportunities for job seekers from a wide range of backgrounds and career categories; however, competition for posts can be tough, especially when it comes to hospitality jobs in London. One way for candidates to improve their chances of success is to identify - and where appropriate develop - the key qualities outlined below. Some are related to personal characteristics, while others are specific qualities that industry human resources staff are looking for during the screening and selection process.


Getting a job can be hard work! It can involve searching websites once or twice daily, calling people, interviewing, and self-promotion. Sticking with it - even when it seems no progress is being made - and learning from experiences that come with this process should eventually lead to a positive outcome.


A CV may be the first - or even only - opportunity a jobseeker has to sell themselves to a potential employer, which makes the document like gold. It should be up to date, presented in a modern style, and make your experience and accomplishments really shine. This is also a good opportunity to be honest about both what has been achieved and where any gaps in experience or qualification exist, with an achievable plan to improve this.

Organisational skills

Like all industries, the hospitality business is subject to government regulations about immigration and rights to work, regardless of nationality. Having everything you need in one place to show a possible employer is a huge advantage, with the same advice applying to any relevant certification.

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The outcome of most interviews is said to be decided within the first minute or so, which means making an outstandingly positive first impression is essential. This is not always as easy as it sounds, especially for those who are a little shy or lacking in confidence. It can also be challenging to know exactly what an employer is looking for beyond the obvious 'clean, presentable, pleasant' essentials; however, doing some research on company values and expectations can help to overcome this.

Lateral thinking skills

Hospitality job seekers who can acknowledge the obstacles they personally face have an advantage - the opportunity to opt for a different approach and look for work though a specialist hospitality recruitment company. In this way, someone with expert knowledge can help and support them through the process, from assessment and background checking to resume development and skill testing.

There is no doubt that looking for London-based hospitality industry work can be a time-consuming and perhaps even stressful experience. From concerns over promoting transferable skills over solid experience to overcoming nerves to shine at interviews and collating all the documents necessary to support an application, the barriers and challenges people face can be quite varied; however, developing or utilising particular personal qualities can only help to strengthen the journey to finding an appropriate hospitality job.