What Is the Scope for Tour Guide Jobs in London?

A London tour business is basically nothing without its team of tour guides. The tour guides are the ones who deliver the tours and provide customers with a fantastic day out - but being a tour guide is about more than just reading from a piece of paper.

Working as a tour guide is a very demanding job that requires a wide range of skills. Here is the full scope for tour guide jobs in London.

Memory Skills

If you want to be a tour guide, you will definitely need a good memory! As you walk around the tour, you will need to remember specific facts, dates and stories, but that isn't all: you also need to deliver the information in a compelling and interesting way, so simply memorising a fact sheet won't be enough. The best tour guides turn a tour into their own story by playing a character as they tell the story, so it is important for you to immerse yourself in the story you are telling.

Communication Skills

So you've memorised the story, added in a few funny jokes and interesting facts to make the story more enjoyable, but that isn't all. You also need to make sure that you are easy to understand and articulate so that people can actually understand what you are saying. Make sure to speak loudly and slowly, as if you are feeling nervous you are more likely to talk quietly and quickly. If you feel nervous when you are speaking, take a deep breath to help you relax and calm down.

Comedy Skills

Not all tour guides are comedic geniuses, but all tour guides have a sense of humour and comedy skills that stop customers from zoning out and becoming bored. This is especially important if you are doing tours with young children and toddlers, as they can quickly get bored of a tour that is just filled with facts.


If you want to do tour jobs in London, you will need to be passionate about the area. It is essential that customers believe that you are from the area, and the only way to do this is to have solid insider knowledge about the area that the tour is in, such as old legends and tales.

Time-Keeping Skills

If you are a tour guide, you will need to have great time-keeping skills, as you will have to arrive on time for a series of different tours throughout the day, which can be difficult if all of the tours are in different areas.

The Ability to Be Flexible

The final skill that you will need to have if you want to be a tour guide is the ability to be flexible. Your customers won't just want to listen to you talk: they will also have lots of questions and comments, and you will need to be able to react to the comments with humour and authority. A big part of being a tour guide is going off script, as sometimes you will have a rowdy crowd who want to disrupt the show to put a smile on your face! This isn't a big thing, though, and a good tour guide will be able to banter back and forth with customers if the situation calls for it.