Why Should a Recruiter use Recruitment Agencies?

Recruitment agencies can offer hiring companies many benefits over direct recruiting. From vetting suitable candidates to offering advice, a recruitment agency can take the hard work out of recruitment, letting a company focus on training and retaining the best staff and improving the company.

What do recruitment agencies do?

Recruitment agencies work closely with companies to find suitable candidates to fill their vacancies. Based on a thorough conversation and job description, they search their database, job sites and social media to find candidates with the necessary qualifications and experience to suit the job. When they find a suitable candidate, they check the candidate's profile, and if there is a potential match, they will contact the candidate to arrange a prescreen interview. If this interview is successful, they will then be put forward to the client and if deemed suitable will be offered an interview and hopefully the job.

Benefits of using recruitment agencies

Using recruitment agencies bring a wide range of benefits to both parties in many ways.

1.The recruiter has valuable knowledge of who is looking for jobs and also employed professionals who may wish to apply for a new job if it offers them more opportunities than they currently have. They also have extensive knowledge of the jobs market and talent that is available in different locations.

2. Advertising is done more effectively than an employer would do it. They are aware of the key attributes that work best on job board and adverts and have their own lists of professionals seeking specific types of work to market the role directly to. The agency can place adverts on all the best job boards simultaneously so you can get the advert out quickly in the right places to attract the right people.

3. They negotiate salaries and benefits before the interview process, so no one is wasting anyone's time. Background checks are also done, so by the time the candidate is interviewed, every stone has been turned. The agency will also be able to negotiate an appropriate salary with the candidates and give the hiring company advice on what is a suitable salary for the position in the current job market. The company will also get good advice on what salary they should be advertising in order to attract the best candidates for the position.

4. Agencies have candidates on their books that are ready to hit the ground running if emergency cover or temporary jobs come up which need filling quickly.

5. Agencies spend every day working to provide staffing solutions, gaining expertise and job-market insight locally, nationally and internationally. They understand the needs of the employer and the expectations of the candidates and the whole supply and demand process.

6. Saving Time - If a company did not use an agency, they would have to sift through job applications, organise letters for interviews and deal with all the correspondence involved in notifying unsuccessful applicants. A recruitment agency saves the employer time which can be better used elsewhere. All the hard leg work is done for the company and the only candidates they will have to spend time interviewing are guaranteed to be suitable for the position.

The time saved using a recruitment agency can be spent on other things to improve the business. By using a recruitment agency a hiring company can also be assured of getting access to top quality candidates.

7. Top Quality Candidates - The agency will vet the applicants and also be able to choose suitable candidates from their ready-prepared list of job-seekers that they already have on their books who are looking for work. They will also have access to the details of suitable people who are currently employed elsewhere who might be interested in a move.

8. Cost Saving - Recruiting new staff can be costly. Recruitment agencies tend to work on a success only basis so only charge if they find the right person for the company. This saves companies a lot of money by reducing the time spent recruiting to use in other areas of their work.

9. Peace of Mind - Sometimes, simply the peace of mind a recruitment agency can give a company is worth every penny. Companies often use the same agency a number of times so they can build up a good rapport with the recruiter and develop a strong relationship.

Once an agency has experience recruiting for a particular company, they will know what the company is looking for and if a candidate is suitable early on. When they narrow down the candidate list, the company can have peace of mind that their shortlist is a good one and means the company can have greater confidence in its hiring decision.

10. Contracts and Interim Placements - Often a recruitment agency will be able to find short-term hires as well as long-term permanent employees. An agency might be able to help a company find a short-term replacement as an interim solution while looking for the long-term hire. With such a large number of potential candidates at their fingertips, an agency is ideally placed to find flexible solutions for any business looking to recruit staff or freelancers.

By using a recruitment agency, companies are able to reduce costs and have access to pools of highly skilled workers that they generally wouldn’t, including those not actively looking to change their job, saving time, effort and money!