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20% of the UK population has a criminal record. Will you know who they are?

Whenever a job required close access to money, children or confidential information, a detailed background check through the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) is essential.

With referencing becoming less reliable, the threat of fraud is rare, but real. So the security your business demands the most exacting checks. This is no place for gut instinct; a great deal of serious fraud is committed by seemingly pleasant and trustworthy individuals.

Here are the services we currently offer:

Worldwide ID document checking service

Check Passports, ID Cards and Visas issued by 200 countries

This check verifies the authenticity of passports, ID Cards and entry/ work visas provided by candidates as proof of identity. It uses a state of the art system to compare a scanned image of your candidate's document to a library of over 2,400 documents issued by 200 countries.

Checks are also made on the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) which further enhances the verification process and helps identify many forgeries.

Comprehensive CRB Check

This check contains all conviction information, spent or unspent. It will also bring to light any other non-conviction information considered relevant by the police or other government bodies, along with credit and identity checks.

Comprehensive CRB Check with Admin Support

In addition to providing all the information listed above, with this check we will directly contact the individual concerned to find out everything on your behalf.


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