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How it works

Worldwide Identity Document Check

Check Passports, ID Cards and Visas issued by 200 countries

Price: £25 per document checked

Process time: one day

Our Identity Document Check enables companies to comply with the Asylum and Immigration Act and verify the authenticity of Passports, ID Cards and Visas (both entry and work) provided by candidates as proof of identity.

The check uses a state of the art system to compare a scanned image of your candidate’s document to a library of 20,000 images of over 2400 documents issued by 200 countries. Checks are also made on the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) which further enhances the verification process and helps identify many forgeries.

Comprehensive CRB Check 

Price: £65 per person

Process time: usually 10 days

This check contains all conviction information, spent or unspent, and any other non-conviction information considered to be relevant by the police or other government bodies along with a credit history check and identity checks. You supply us with the information required for us to commence the search.

Comprehensive CRB Check with admin support

Price: £120 per person

Process time: usually 10 days

This check contains all information as above PLUS we will contact the person being checked ourselves and gather all information for you.

For Criminal checks, simply ask your member of staff or candidate to fill out the form attached, contact New Frontiers for payment of the appropriate fee and a report will be prepared and sent to you usually within 10 working days.

For document identity checks, simply provide a scanned copy of the document or even a clear photocopy with your fee and the identity check will be processed.


> Robust – Our Identity Document Check makes checks over and above those that can be made manually / visually.

> Consistent – provides a standard way of checking documents across your organisation regardless of which individual, office or territory makes the check.

> Simple – Only requires a clear photocopy or scanned image of the document photo page to be provided.

"The CRB service is easy and efficient once the process is in place. Kelly has been helpful in following up and acquiring relevant information to carry out the CRB checks effectively." - HR Manager, JAC Travel

For further details please contact your Account Manager or call New Frontiers on 0845 202 2222

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