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International - go far!

On behalf of UK companies, our international department has placed candidates right across the globe including countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Dubai, USA, Australia and South Africa.

We’ve also held international ‘scout’ missions and recruitment campaigns on behalf of companies looking to bring workers into the UK.

We will only work with UK companies that are represented overseas and we are always mindful of and comply with local country laws in all instances.

We can fill full time, temp or executive positions for UK clients who require new staff overseas.

All candidates undergo the same thorough examination, training and security tests as our UK placed candidates.

We can train recruits before they arrive at their destination through our online training programmes.

If clients or candidates aren’t happy during their first three months, we will replace them with a new recruit free of charge.

For further details please contact Elena on 0207 812 3817 or E-mail;