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Hiring Temporary Staff

New Frontiers have access to a large temporary workforce, which we covet and protect as much as our full time candidates.

We believe that the better we look after them, the better they will perform and the more likely they will stay with us. In fact, many of our temps have been with us for years.

All of our highly skilled temps are available on short- or long-term contracts and are managed by our dedicated Temporary Recruitment Division.

We also shortlist a large number of temps from our overseas recruitment partners in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

All temps are engaged under a Contract for Services. This covers all aspects of their contract, including health and safety and changing legislation for temporary workers to ensure total compliance and peace of mind for our clients.

You may prefer to find temporary workers yourself by running a campaign using our 'Direct Recruit' service. Our job posting recruitment service applies for temporary workers too and all your advertising response is sorted into your Applicant Tracking system. You can shortlist, interview and hire directly from this system to fill your temporary role. If you need help running the payroll for temps, we can do this for you.

The key benefits

All temps are fully reference-checked and can be security-checked where required.

All temps receive (if required and at no extra cost) GDS testing and cross-training, Identity and right-to-work compliance checking and geography and IT skills testing.

All temps are paid weekly and directly into their bank accounts and receive paid holidays in addition to their wages as well as benefits such as health bonuses and end-of-booking bonuses, store and travel discounts.

To avoid disputes, all temps receive the same pay rate for the same job. Hourly rates are fully inclusive of holiday pay, company national insurance, payroll and administration and insurance costs so that there are NO hidden charges.

When placed, we keep in contact with the temp to ensure they fit in easily and also run a monthly ‘perfect score’ competition to ensure their work is the best it can be.

For further details please contact your account manager on 0845 202 2222 or E-mail;