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New Frontiers HR Support is a service run in association with our trusted legal services partner Bulldog Law Ltd ( It is a unique personal support service that stands by the side of businesses to ensure positive relationships with employees are maintained, massively reducing the risk of expensive claims down the line.

Your own in-house solicitor

Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having their own expert “in-house” employment solicitor to advise on the management of HR issues to avoid disputes or to resolve existing issues sensitively but robustly to ensure the impact on management time and reputation is minimised.

Our clients have access to all of the following services direct from Bulldog Law at specially discounted rates for New Frontiers HR members:

Staff handbook & contract update service

Knowing that policies, procedures and contracts remain compliant is invaluable. If they’re not, Bulldog Law will redraft them and assist you in implementation to ensure current compliance and peace of mind. A FREE document “MOT” of your existing documentation is offered to New Frontier clients.

Telephone & email support

Tactical, clear advice when needed will be delivered personally by your solicitor who knows and understands your business needs.  This service includes a no obligation FREE initial advice on any employment law issues with access to tailored service levels appropriate to your needs thereafter.

Thousands saved

Bulldog Law’s fixed price pay monthly HR retainer packages are designed to be affordable for businesses of any size, but more importantly, they saves businesses thousands each year in potentially expensive claims and legal costs.

Employment Tribunal defence service

Bulldog Law’s solicitors and barristers are highly experienced advocates: if a claim is threatened or issued you can relax knowing that a Bulldog lawyer is at your side, acting swiftly to minimise damage and costs and tenaciously defending your position, at the same time sensitive to the need to preserve reputations and staff morale. You will also have access to optional employment protection insurance (in association with AXA Insurance & leading broker Stackhouse Poland) for complete peace of mind financially in the event of a successful employee claim as compensation and legal costs would be covered.

For full details, please pick up the “dog and bone” and call Mike Crilly on 0207 100 1235 quoting ‘New Frontiers HR Support’ to receive a discount or email

Why choose Bulldog Law?

  • Bulldog Law are highly specialised employment lawyers with years of experience and success in looking after SME client businesses, especially in the travel and tourism sector.
  • Bulldog Law are a unique boutique ‘virtual’ law firm based in the heart of legal London, but by utilising the latest technology and running a paperless office system with sophisticated online case management and HR systems Bulldog Law are able to affordably act for businesses all over the UK and beyond as they have none of the overheads required to run a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ practice. Therefore are able to offer cost effective, affordable rates whilst guaranteeing a ‘City’ standard service.
  • In addition to the employment law advisory and drafting services Bulldog Law offer a completely unique ‘virtual’ HR support system as an alternative or optional upgrade to the New Frontiers HR toolkit: Bulldog HR. Simply call Mike Crilly on 0207 100 1235 or email him for a no obligation online demonstration.
  • The Bulldog Law brand stands for fidelity, dependability, tenacity and vigilance: these are the core values which guide everything they do for their clients

For further details please contact Mike Crilly on 0207 100 1235  or