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Competency Based Telephone Interviewing

Help shortlisting candidates

If you have no time for screening your shortlist, allow us to help you save some more time in the recruitment process.

New Frontiers recruitment team have years of experience in interviewing candidates and shortlisting them for a variety of travel roles.

You can either ask us to interview the candidate and score them against the ’10 characteristics of the ideal candidate’ and your job description or specify some questions you would like us to ask for each candidate. We will also check their identity and eligibility for work in the UK as standard.

10 Characteristics of the ideal candidate

  • Has the right skill set compared to job specification
  • Motivation for leaving other than financial reasons
  • Realistic about the money, duties and responsibilities of the position
  • Credible and able to verify experience and skills
  • Smart and professional appearance
  • Fits the company culture
  • Acceptable travelling distance to location of the position and
  • prepared to travel
  • Has something to offer the company in terms of ability / knowledge / attitude / personality
  • Prepared to co-operate throughout the recruitment process
  • Calls back and provides further information to support their application where required

Need privacy for face to face interviews?

You can use our central London offices for free when you’ve purchased a job posting fee from our Recruit Direct service or our Telephone Interviewing service.

How does it work?

Provide the CVs of the candidates you wish us to contact and we will commence telephone interviews within 2 hours of receipt and contact you with results once completed.

If we cannot get hold of a candidate within 48 hours, we will notify you whether to continue. We will give you an estimate of how long our results may take depending on the campaign requested and volume of candidates you may require us to call. We appreciate the need for speed in contacting candidates in order to ensure you meet the best and brightest as fast as possible!

How much does it cost?

Up to 10 telephone screenings for £250 + VAT

For further details please contact your Account Manager or call New Frontiers on 0845 202 2222

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