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Recruit Direct RPO

Too many vacancies and therefore too many recruitment agencies to handle? Recruit Direct RPO can take this work load from you

With over 18 years’ experience in the specialist field of travel recruitment, New Frontiers Recruitment has the experience and work force to handle all your recruitment needs without you losing your network of recruitment agencies.

Our job is to be your personal recruitment department.

How it works

You will be provided with a dedicated account management team to work alongside your HR and Hiring Managers to deliver your recruitment needs and to fully understand you as a business.

We will facilitate and manage your recruitment, yet you are still in total control.

Our track record of working together means that we already have an understanding of the culture and core values of your business, enabling us to attract and select the best passive and active candidates.

Saving time and money

HR and Hiring Managers spend hours of their time dealing with recruitment agencies, reviewing large lists of speculative CVs, conducting interviews with unsuitable candidates and administering the hiring process.

Recruit Direct RPO gives your HR and Hiring Managers their time back, allowing you to focus on other core activities in the business.

Recruit Direct RPO manage the whole process from creating job specs all the way through to job offer.

Applicant Tracking System

Our ATS keeps track of your entire hiring process, containing vacancy details, CV reviewing, interview booking, to offer acceptance.

You as a business will have total visibility and control of your entire recruitment process from start to finish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Having all recruitment administration under one roof increases your job efficiency

Reducing your costs

There are no upfront charges. You pay us once we have successfully filled a vacancy. If we are using a third party agency, we will pay them so you don’t pay twice.

What does this mean for partnerships with other recruitment agencies?

You will have relationships with recruitment agencies that have been working with you for a long time. 

Recruit Direct RPO doesn’t mean that you are going to stop working with them altogether, it only means that Recruit Direct RPO will work with them on your behalf. We will receive all CV’s and ensure that only the best are submitted.

We also have a partnership of over 400 non travel recruitment agencies so whatever the role, we have a specialist agency available.

For further details please contact your Account Manager or call New Frontiers on 0845 202 2222