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Online Travel Training

Free online product and destination training for Travel Sellers

Winner of numerous travel industry awards, Online Travel Training (OTT) helps train thousands of frontline staff to sell supplier products and destinations.

OTT is already the largest library of product e-learning courses for travel sellers, marketing courses via TTG, Advantage, Buying Business Travel, GTMC and AITO. OTT also ranks first on Google for most key searches.

Travel Sellers can access courses in a variety of categories listed below. Each course lasts for up to an hour and usually contains five modules. Courses can be dipped in and out of to complete (even between sales!). At the end of each module, a multiple choice questionnaire is answered to prove understanding. Once all five modules have been completed, 

a certificate is downloaded. Travel Sellers can win prizes for course completions and Managers can set which courses they wish their staff to complete by asking staff to print certificates as proof of completion.

Free product courses available in the following categories:

Destination Training Cruise and Ferries Training Airline Training
Business Travel Hotel and Resport Training Car Hire Training  
Travel Essentials Training Ski and Mountain Training   Luxury Travel Academy

For more information please visit the OTT website:

Create your own Online Training course

The process is simple. Travel suppliers create an e-learning microsite (with our help), OTT market it to the trade so travel sellers can increase their knowledge of suppliers products or services. Travel sellers can then sell suppliers brand with confidence, which naturally results in increased sales. Clients can also translate their e-learning microsite to promote their businesses to overseas travel agents. OTT is fast establishing partners overseas to market these courses too.

  • Can promote your e-learning globally to 1000’s of travel agents.
  • Complements your existing trade marketing.
  • Easy to create and self manage e-learning courses
  • Management information about learners and visible stats on course completions 
  • OTT achieves first position on Google for most key training searches.
  • OTT offers launch promotion and on-going media support.

If you would like to create elearning and market it to travel sellers, contact