How to get ahead in your career!

81%* of candidates found a lack of development the reason to look for a new job!

These easy steps will help you develop in your career!

We all need to manage our own careers; organisations will not do this for us.

Enhancing and managing your career is an ongoing process, not just something that you do when circumstances make it a necessity.

This section has practical advice on being active in your career progression, whatever your current circumstances.

Just started a new job

You are now where you wanted to be: in a new position. What will you do next?

To ensure that you make a good start in your new organisation

Getting ahead in your current job

Even if you have been in your present job for some time you need not get stuck in a rut.

Facing a job loss

Even if you are facing redundancy, there are positive steps you can take to plan for your next move. 

The next five years

It is sensible to have in mind a plan for the next five to ten years of your career.

*Source; 2012 Recruitment Survey by New Frontiers Travel Recruitment

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New Frontiers Top Tips

  • Take on more responsibilities; Don't be afraid to put your hand up! You will go far in your role by getting noticed.
  • Be part of the team; Although you need to be able to work independently to shine, working with the team is just as important!
  • Ask for training where necessary; Another way to get ahead in your career is to show your employer you are ready to progress by attaining new skills. The best way to do this is with training!
  • Make your goals known; Dont just assume you employers know that you want to get ahead! You must let your goals known!

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