How to write a winning CV


Helpful tips on writing a winning CV!

The Latin phrase Curriculum Vitae (CV) translates into English as something like "the race of life". Today, in a competitive job market in which people are defined as much by what they do as anything else, this translation makes perfect sense: a good CV can give you an immensely valuable head start in the race that is your working life.

Whether you are just setting out, looking to change tracks and career paths, or hoping to start again, a strong CV provides a base from which you can derive great confidence in the modern work place.

New Frontiers Top Tips

Important Information

99% of CVs lack all the information required by employers. Pay great attention to this area first and tailor your CV to the role that you are applying to!

Always include the following:

CV Layout

Always start with Contact Details, then Employment History followed by your Travel Profile (If applying for a travel sales job). Complete the CV with your Education & Qualifications, Skills and finally Hobbies and Interests (if they are relevant).

CV Mistakes to Avoid

    * Don't bother with irrelevant information

    * Present information in a logical groups

    * Clarify any gaps between jobs

    * If you've temped intermittently at various companies, group them together

    * Ever left a company on bad terms, or been dismissed? Don't leave this employment out of your CV.

    * A CV riddles with spelling or typing errors is a personal pet peeve

    * No wacky email addresses. "", does not paint a professional image.


Remember, a CV is not just an information document, it's a sales document - selling you to a future employer.

Do you have a winning CV?

Speed-read your CV one last time and look for these key points:

    * What stands out?

    * Were you drawn to the positive aspects of the CV?

    * Did the CV make you want to go back to the beginning and read it more thoroughly?

    * Was it easy to read?

Now give it to a friend and ask their opinion about what immediately catches their attention.

And finally

Be realistic with the roles that you apply for! We receive numerous applications by candidates who do not meet the required criteria for a job. If you do not have the skills required, make it clear on your CV otherwise it is just a waste of your time.

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