New Frontiers raise £20,000 for charity!

For the past 20 years New Frontiers has helped raise over £20,000 for charities here in the UK and around the world. ‘Dress Down Friday’s’ were introduced to New Frontiers staff and for the privilege each team member has to contribute a minimum of £1 for dressing casually. The monies contributed go to a nominated charity every quarter chosen by the team, going to major international charities as well as small and very personal charities or at times the monies have been used for urgent medical treatments for family and close friends. New Frontiers have also sponsored individual team members participating in charity events i.e. funding raising balls, race for life, cycle rides etc.

In the last two decades there have been many devastating natural disasters i.e. the Tsunami, Haiti earthquake which have had a profound effect on the team so much so that immediate contributions have been made to those in desperate need.

Take a look at some of the charities the New Frontiers team have donated to in the last few years Click here.