How to gain employment with hospitality companies in London

Published on: Fri 05 Oct 2018

Despite our uncertain economic times, the hospitality sector has shown consistent and strong growth over recent years, a trend which looks set to continue until at least 2021. And no city has seen stronger growth than London. This means, if you're looking for hospitality jobs in London, there has probably never been a better time to look for work. However, it also means the market for hospitality jobs recruitment in London is competitive, so you need to make sure you put your best foot - and CV - forward if you want to be successful.

What jobs are available?

There's a wide range of jobs available in the sector, but when you look for hospitality jobs recruitment in London, they're likely to fall under the following headings:

- Hotel operations: the people keeping hotels, hostels, and resorts running day-to-day, including front-desk staff, housekeepers, servers, porters, concierges, event planners and managers.

- Food and beverage services: this covers everything from serving in a fast-food restaurant to a high-end restaurant and includes coffee shop baristas, bar staff, chefs, cooks and kitchen staff.

- Maintenance and cleaning: the staff needed to keep the hotels and restaurants clean and running smoothly.

What skills are needed?

One of the great things about the hospitality industry is that there are plenty of jobs for those looking for entry-level positions and those with the skills and experience to apply for more senior roles. The type and level of role you're applying for will impact the skills you need but will, broadly, include strong communication skills, excellent organisational and time management skills, the ability to work as part of a team, and the availability to work evenings, weekends and shifts. Specific skills, experience and qualifications will be needed, dependent on the role, so make sure you understand these, and if you meet the requirements, before applying.

How to find a job in hospitality

Because the hospitality market in London is competitive, you'll need to do as much as you can to sell yourself to potential employers. Ways you can do this include:

- If you're looking for an entry-level position, find ways to gain experience that allows you to evidence your people skills, e.g. apply for work experience or volunteer.

- Put together a CV that focuses on your skills and experience within hospitality. Or, if you're looking to move into the sector, your transferable skills.

- Prepare to be flexible, being willing to work shifts that are unpopular with existing staff, for example, will increase your chances of being successful at interview.

- Find a good recruitment agency that has a large client base, understands what you're looking for, can put you forward for jobs that meet your skills and experience and prepare you for interviews.

By doing these things, you're much more likely to find the hospitality job you're looking for, one that matches your skills and experience and leads to a long and fulfilling career within the sector. Good luck!

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Lucrative Travel Consultant Jobs in London

Published on: Tue 02 Oct 2018

There's no better time to apply for a job as a travel consultant, and you'll find many hugely rewarding and exciting roles for the right sort of candidate. The best roles tend to require travel sales experience and plenty of actual travel. Here are six of the most lucrative vacancies for travel consultant jobs in London.

Latin America Senior Travel Sales Consultant

£30k - 40k PA + Benefits

This role is for an experienced senior travel consultant. The employers are offering a basic starting salary of £30K and uncapped commission. The job focuses largely on making profitable sales to HNWIs. This luxury London tour operator is looking for someone with excellent knowledge of Latin America, having ideally travelled throughout the region themselves.

Middle East Senior Travel Consultant

£30k - 40k PA + Benefits

The same London company as above is looking for a senior travel consultant for the Middle East region - ideally someone with extensive travel experience in the area and plenty of experience within the travel industry too. Dealing with HNWIs, this job has uncapped commission and a starting salary of £30K.

Asia and Australasia Senior Travel Sales Consultant

£30k - 40k PA + Benefits

Those with experience in both travelling in this region and in selling luxury travel experiences in Australasia and Asia can enjoy the huge benefits of this role, which includes an excellent basic salary and uncapped commission. Selling to HNWIs, there is plenty of scope to earn well above the basic salary.

North America Senior Travel Sales Consultant

£30k - 40k PA + Benefits

This is an excellent, well-paid opportunity for someone with experience and knowledge of the extensive North American luxury tour and travel industry. An excellent basic salary is combined with uncapped commission. Challenging and rewarding, this is another example of an excellent senior opportunity in travel sales.

Travel Consultant

£20k - 26k per year + bonus & benefits

This consultancy, based in North London, offers a niche service to its customers. This job is ideal for those with some travel retail experience or a recent tourism graduate. This kind of job is the perfect way to start a career in travel consultancy. A generous basic salary is supplemented by excellent benefits and a bonus.

Junior Travel Reservation Consultant

Kingston upon Thames, London

£20k - 23k PA + Commission

This vacancy proves that even entry-level travel consultancy roles can still be lucrative. With a starting salary of £20-£23k with uncapped commission on top, this reservation role at a consultancy specializing in African Safari experiences is a great chance for someone who is keen to get into this industry and grow with both the role and the company.

Travel consultancy roles are found across the UK, but those based in London tend to be the most lucrative. Look out for specialist travel recruitment sites such as New Frontiers. Apply for one of these dream travel jobs today and take your own career journey in bigger and brighter directions.

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What Opportunities are Available for Marketing in Travel?

Published on: Mon 27 Aug 2018

If you are looking for a role in the marketing sector, you have a whole wealth of areas to specialise in. For some, this could mean venturing into the travel industry, where you can use your marketing speciality in a number of different travel roles. Here are some of the possible jobs that you could look into if you want to combine your marketing experience and your love of travel.

The Basics

Almost all marketing roles require you to have experience in an array of business promotion in some form or other. This could include sending regular updates to customers and clients via email or creating interesting content through social media or mail. You should be adept at creating thorough plans for future customer communications and be able to tailor specific material for a visual audience.

All of these basic marketing skills can be used in the travel industry in many ways. First, travel agents or tour operators often require an experienced marketing executive to keep their customers informed of any upcoming promotions and to figure out exactly what their customer base is looking for in a holiday or trip. From there, they are then able to create exciting content that will keep the brand at the forefront of their customers' minds, especially when the time comes to plan their holiday.

Another opportunity for marketing jobs in travel that you may come across related to the trade aspect of the travel industry. With this type of role, a marketer can be heavily involved in trade road shows and ensuring that travel agents have all of the brochures they need in order to book customer and client trips. An important part of this type of role includes creating and maintaining contacts in the industry and making sure that all of their contact details are up to date. This means that you will be able to easily contact a specific agent with information that could possibly bring the company more business and therefore help the company's profile.


Of course, one of the main perks of working in the travel sector, in any capacity, involves the travel opportunities that come with it. It may not be something that happens immediately, but by working hard and networking well, you may come across these opportunities quicker than you think. One of the key aspects of finding marketing jobs in travel is being patient and knowing who your target audience is once you have found a suitable role. Each company is different, and what may have worked for your previous employers may not go down so well for your prospective one.

Always keep an eye out for opportunities if you are looking to get into the travel marketing sector. Whilst this type of role is essential in many companies, it can be difficult to get into, which is why you should always do thorough research to make sure you would be a perfect fit before applying.

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How to Get the Best Career Advice in the Travel Industry

Published on: Mon 27 Aug 2018

There are lots of benefits to working in the travel industry. It doesn't matter if you are taking travellers on unforgettable trips or if you are helping other people to set up their next holiday; either way, the travel industry is a fast-paced, exciting industry with lots of career options.

But if you are just entering the industry, it can be very useful to get some career advice. This can help you make informed decisions about what you want to do during your career.

Here are two tips to help you get the best career advice you can find in the travel industry.

Speak to a Recruitment Team

It can be very useful to speak to a recruitment team, especially if they specialise in the travel industry. This is because they will have lots of experience with the industry; they will know all about the different roles there are, as well as pay grades and necessary qualifications. For instance, if you are currently unemployed but you want to find travel consultant jobs in London, they will be able to help you.

They also know a lot about the interview process, as they regularly find, vet and interview new candidates for roles. This means that they will be able to give you lots of tips to prepare for interviews, which can be very useful if you are going for a new job! For example, if you decide to apply for travel consultant jobs in London, they will help you to prepare for the interview so that you are more likely to get the job.

Find a Mentor

If you are already working in the travel industry and you want career advice, it can be useful to find a mentor. A mentor is a more experienced person who can help you and guide you through your career. They will use their personal experiences of the travel industry to offer useful advice; for instance, if you are currently working as a travel agent, but you want to use your job to travel across the world, your mentor will be able to give you useful tips to help you move in that direction (pun intended).

If you already work with a travel team and there is someone above you in the team that you admire and respect, you could ask them to become your mentor. Alternatively you could look for a mentor online. There are lots of websites that can put you in touch with a mentor for no cost. Finally you can head to your local job centre or recruitment agency, as they often help connect people with mentors (even if they already have a job).

The travel industry is a very exciting industry to work in, and it is perfect for anyone with wanderlust. However, there are lots of ways to grow and progress a travel career, so it can be beneficial to seek detailed, specific career advice along the way.

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Chase your Dreams of Travelling by Applying for These Travel Jobs

Published on: Fri 10 Aug 2018

Stop daydreaming about the perfect job - one where you get to travel, see exciting, exotic and historic places around the world and actually get paid for it. Stop daydreaming and make it happen, because if you have a passion for travelling, the best way to exploit it is to work in the travel industry.

Not all travel and tourism jobs involve overseas travel, but there are plenty that do, either from the start or down the line once you have gained the right kind of experience and knowledge. Roles requiring languages in travel agencies and the wider industry provide a good opportunity for foreign language graduates. So if you are ready to chase those dreams, keep reading to learn more about the types of travel jobs that could soon have you seeing more of the world.

On-Board Cruise Consultant

This is essentially a sales job, and it relies on your incredible people skills being used to sell another cruise to passengers while they are still on their current trip, as well as encouraging them to buy certain products and services, such as off-boat trips and excursions.

You will have a very visible presence on board - attending meet-and-greets, cocktail hour events and so on, creating strong and positive relationships with passengers, sharing information on future cruise opportunities, securing bookings and completing related admin duties. Most consultants come from a sales background with travel industry experience of some kind too, which is well rewarded with both salary, commission and the chance to see the world.

Senior Travel Agent

Those willing to work through the ranks to a senior position can easily find a position where expenses-paid trips to check out the locations and facilities of new resorts, hotels and destinations are a regular perk.

Tour Director

This is a pretty full-on position as it involves spending several days or weeks with a tour group and being responsible for everything running smoothly throughout. From answering any questions and translating for the bus driver to handling any hiccups and complaints, this is a high-energy job, and due to the level of responsibility it's one of those roles requiring languages in travel industry.

Tour Guide

This is a great way to get experience. A tour guide usually works either in a specific attraction, showing visitors around, or outside guiding tourists on walking or bus city tours. A decent level of specialist knowledge and experience may be required, especially for high-end tours, and a second language is useful here too.

Holiday Rep

A traditional route into the industry, seasonal summer work in resorts or kids' clubs can easily be fitted into a university break, and it's an excellent way to get experience. Candidates should be energetic, patient, open-minded and hard-working.

There are lots of jobs in the travel industry that can satisfy your urge to see the world while earning a salary, whether you are looking for a temporary gig or a long-term career.

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