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So you don't miss out on your well earned holiday pay, New Frontiers are pleased to pay you holiday pay in your hourly rate to maximise your earning potential for that well deserved break. Just don't spend it all now!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I qualify for holiday pay?
You are eligible to receive holiday pay from the first day of your assignment. Holiday is accrued at approximately 2 days each month (28 days per year) as long as you work full-time hours.

Who can tell me how much holiday I have?
You can email   to find out or call and ask for our accounts department on 0845 202 2222. 

Can I accrue the holiday and take it when I want?
Absolutely! It's your holiday to take whenever you wish. 

Can I be paid holiday and carry on working?
No. You must take time off in accordance with the Working Time Regulations. 

Do I have to give notice that I'm taking holiday pay?
Ideally we request that you check with your manager that taking holiday is convenient. A lot of our temps take time off after an assignment or during public holidays such as Easter or Christmas. 

How much do I get paid?
Your holiday pay is calculated as a percentage of your weekly gross earnings. 

How do I claim my holiday pay?
There is nothing to do as its already in your weekly pay.

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