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New Frontiers raise £20,000 for charity!

Published on: Tue 01 Mar 2016

For the past 20 years New Frontiers has helped raise over £20,000 for charities here in the UK and around the world. ‘Dress Down Friday’s’ were introduced to New Frontiers staff and for the privilege each team member has to contribute a minimum of £1 for dressing casually. The monies contributed go to a nominated charity every quarter chosen by the team, going to major international charities as well as small and very personal charities or at times the monies have been used for urgent medical treatments for family and close friends. New Frontiers have also sponsored individual team members participating in charity events i.e. funding raising balls, race for life, cycle rides etc.

In the last two decades there have been many devastating natural disasters i.e. the Tsunami, Haiti earthquake which have had a profound effect on the team so much so that immediate contributions have been made to those in desperate need.

Take a look at some of the charities the New Frontiers team have donated to in the last few years Click here.


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Improve your interview techniques!

Published on: Tue 01 Mar 2016

80%* of our candidates landed their next job after their first interview!

Follow these easy steps to improve your interview techniques

In today's world where nothing stands still for long, why should your career? New Frontiers have prepared some top tips to improve your interview techniques!

Your answers to interview questions are the key to you securing your new job.

New Frontiers Top Tips

  • The most important part of preparation you would need to complete is researching the company. That way you'll be prepared both to answer interview questions and ask the interviewer questions.

  • Find out in advance exactly where the interview is, and how to get there. Double-check the address and directions.

  • You can never be 'too smart' for an interview. As a general rule, you should try to be 'conservative' in dress.

  • Listen carefully to the questions. Do not interrupt. If you haven't understood the question properly, ask the interviewer for further information to clarify.

  • Be positive. Do not run down past employers or people from work. Don't moan. Don't lie about anything. Stress your strengths and successes and don't dwell on any failures you may have had.

  • And last but not least, make sure you show off your winning smile! A good smile shows the employer you are warm, open and friendly.

Examples of Tough Interview Questions

It's not just the interview you have to be prepared for. We all have been struck with tough interview questions. Below is a list of some of these difficult questions, and ways to answer them confidently.

Why do you want to work here?

What is the most difficult situation you have faced?

Tell me about yourself

Where do you see yourself in five year's time?

To view the full article, please click here

For more interview tips and advice, visit out career advice section here

Be sure to check out all our vacancies here and use these new interview techniques to impress!

*Source; 2012 Recruitment Survey by New Frontiers Travel Recruitment


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How to write a winning CV

Published on: Tue 01 Mar 2016

Helpful tips on writing a winning CV!

The Latin phrase Curriculum Vitae (CV) translates into English as something like "the race of life". Today, in a competitive job market in which people are defined as much by what they do as anything else, this translation makes perfect sense: a good CV can give you an immensely valuable head start in the race that is your working life.

Whether you are just setting out, looking to change tracks and career paths, or hoping to start again, a strong CV provides a base from which you can derive great confidence in the modern work place.

New Frontiers Top Tips

Important Information

99% of CVs lack all the information required by employers. Pay great attention to this area first and tailor your CV to the role that you are applying to!

Always include the following:

CV Layout

Always start with Contact Details, then Employment History followed by your Travel Profile (If applying for a travel sales job). Complete the CV with your Education & Qualifications, Skills and finally Hobbies and Interests (if they are relevant).

CV Mistakes to Avoid

    * Don't bother with irrelevant information

    * Present information in a logical groups

    * Clarify any gaps between jobs

    * If you've temped intermittently at various companies, group them together

    * Ever left a company on bad terms, or been dismissed? Don't leave this employment out of your CV.

    * A CV riddles with spelling or typing errors is a personal pet peeve

    * No wacky email addresses. "", does not paint a professional image.


Remember, a CV is not just an information document, it's a sales document - selling you to a future employer.

Do you have a winning CV?

Speed-read your CV one last time and look for these key points:

    * What stands out?

    * Were you drawn to the positive aspects of the CV?

    * Did the CV make you want to go back to the beginning and read it more thoroughly?

    * Was it easy to read?

Now give it to a friend and ask their opinion about what immediately catches their attention.

And finally

Be realistic with the roles that you apply for! We receive numerous applications by candidates who do not meet the required criteria for a job. If you do not have the skills required, make it clear on your CV otherwise it is just a waste of your time.

For more interview tips and advice, visit out career advice section here

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Be sure to check out all our vacancies here and apply with your new and improved CV!

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How to get ahead in your career!

Published on: Mon 23 Jul 2012

81%* of candidates found a lack of development the reason to look for a new job!

These easy steps will help you develop in your career!

We all need to manage our own careers; organisations will not do this for us.

Enhancing and managing your career is an ongoing process, not just something that you do when circumstances make it a necessity.

This section has practical advice on being active in your career progression, whatever your current circumstances.

Just started a new job

You are now where you wanted to be: in a new position. What will you do next?

To ensure that you make a good start in your new organisation

Getting ahead in your current job

Even if you have been in your present job for some time you need not get stuck in a rut.

Facing a job loss

Even if you are facing redundancy, there are positive steps you can take to plan for your next move. 

The next five years

It is sensible to have in mind a plan for the next five to ten years of your career.

*Source; 2012 Recruitment Survey by New Frontiers Travel Recruitment

To view the full article, please click here

A special thank you to Careers Advisory Service; Article Source:

New Frontiers Top Tips

  • Take on more responsibilities; Don't be afraid to put your hand up! You will go far in your role by getting noticed.
  • Be part of the team; Although you need to be able to work independently to shine, working with the team is just as important!
  • Ask for training where necessary; Another way to get ahead in your career is to show your employer you are ready to progress by attaining new skills. The best way to do this is with training!
  • Make your goals known; Dont just assume you employers know that you want to get ahead! You must let your goals known!

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New Frontiers Wins Silver

Published on: Tue 16 Nov 2010

New Frontiers won 'Silver' at the British Travel Awards 2010 in the 'Best Travel Recruitment Company 2010' category!

The announcement was made on 4 November at a glamorous Gala Awards Dinner held at Battersea Evolution in London, attended by more than a thousand travel industry people. The awards were filmed by ITN with LBC radio broadcasting live from the entertainment packed event.

British Travel Awards’ chief executive Lorraine Barnes Burton said: “The British Travel Awards are widely considered to be the “Oscars” of the travel industry! It’s the largest awards programme in the UK, created to reward travel companies with the winning accolade being the benchmark for excellence when it comes to finding out who really is the best in the business of travel for the UK consumer. This year, more than any, the competition was fierce and New Frontiers is to be congratulated on their achievement.”

Companies were nominated by travel industry professionals before being voted for by the British public. In 2009 over 100,000 votes were cast with the results scrutinized and audited by Deloitte LLP.

New Frontiers would like to thank everyone who voted. We are delighted with our award!

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